Our Story


Voices and laughter spill out of the kitchen. The timer rings atop the oven. A pan of sizzling red-wine-poached sausages emerges.

Garlic. Rosemary. The sweetness of starchy potatoes. 

Notes of Miles Davis, Kind of Blue, lazily twirling through the dinning room, drifting away on the summer’s breeze.

Eric and Lisa’s relationship began around a table.

At the time they were living at L’abri, an intentional community, settled in a beautiful Manor house in the rural countryside of England. L’Abri shaped their relational culture, establishing a deep appreciation for beauty, community, and the pursuit of truth. Ultimately bringing them back to the table, again and again to feast on their growing awareness of God’s abundant goodness in their lives.


Each month you will receive a bag of seasonally-sourced, meticulously-crafted coffee, paired with a quarterly zine featuring a curated seasonal feast menu, Schuler family revelations, and art.

Eric has been in the speciality coffee industry for 5 years, acquiring an ever-increasing passion for the art of roasting and perfecting the coffee experience. Coffee is a daily feast for Eric and he loves inviting people into it.


Lisa’s kitchen is the hub of life in the Schuler home. Her experience and bravery in the kitchen has led to many an unforgettable feast; from catering weddings, and farm to table dinners, to intimate gatherings with friends and family around her table. She is a dynamic explorer of creativity in the kitchen and loves sharing her gift with others.

Eric and Lisa also have two beautiful daughters, Linnaea, age 7 and Evalina, age 6. They are enthusiastic partakers in the Feast and revelators of truth.

We invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us to taste and see that the Lord is good.

— Eric, Lisa, Linnaea, and Evalina —