Abigail Freer on Process


This article was published in Volume 4. Which was all about process. We love the vulnerability and humanity that is so evident in Abigail's work. 

There is a very strong human element in my work, in letting the imperfections of the clay come out and finding beauty within.
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Working with my hands is such a huge part of my identity. Making something from dirt, from nothing is what I enjoy.

I recently found freedom just letting the piece come out. It's part of making handmade things, letting the quirks come out, adding personality to each one. We're all works in progress as humanity. Even in the hardest times, when life is most difficult, I imagine clay in that moment, when it's wobbly or off center, then just sticking with it and letting something beautiful happen. I really enjoy stillness, calming my thoughts. When I'm at the wheel and when I'm throwing.

The ability to bless being both, a mother and a creative maker is something I'm learning to practice. It's fun being a household that supports creativity where my son can see me doing what I love.

I'm definitely inspired by the elements of nature. And since the element of my art is earth, clay, dirt I am very directed and grounded by it. But also it is a symbol of our humanity, we too are earth.

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Eric Schuler