Coffee of the Month


Long Miles - Nkonge hill 




About This Month's Coffee

Note from our Roaster Eric: 

"I got to meet the Long Miles crew up in Seattle during SCA. This beautiful coffee stood out to me and I'm so excited to share it with you. I love the heart and mission behind Long Miles and the amazing coffees they produce."

This coffee comes from Long Miles, a husband and wife team living in Burundi. They have a passion for empowering local farmers and creating a place for their product to thrive. Their heart is to one day facilitate meaningful relationships between roasters and the farmers. This is also a passion of ours at Feast so it seemed like a great fit when we found Long Miles.  This is a honey processed microlot from a brand new washing station called Heza. Dark berries and currants fill the cup which is balanced by the caramelized sweetness of brown sugar. 

Region: Nkonge Hill, Burundi

Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Honey-Processed

Altitude: 2100m