Dumerso Extended Fermentation Nano Lot

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This coffee is unlike any other you have tasted this year. This is one of those coffees that comes along once a year and falls into the top 0.01% of specialty coffee.

This cup has it all: florals, citrus, berry, syrup sweetness.

What makes this coffee so unique? Well, it starts with high-quality picking, and then into a meticulous process of fermentation and drying.

This fermentation process started like a traditional washed- filling the fermentation tank with pulped coffee. Then it broke the tradition of 24-hour formation cycle by extending it all the way to 96 hours.

The picking, fermentation, drying, and exporting are led by the dynamic sister team of CEO Hirut Birhanu and manager Mahder Birhanu. 

Dumerso is a family endeavor anchored in Yirgacheffe and extending its reach to several other areas of Ethiopia.

Their washing station was destroyed in 2017 due to local riots, but the family was hopeful they could rebuild. That same year, many coffee plants were decimated due to frost damage.

The story of Dumerso is one of perseverance and we are honored to taste and serve one of the many fruits of this sister team.

Canisters are 200g.