Modor Shantawene | Ethiopia | Washed

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Modor Shantawene | Bensa | Sidama | Ethiopia | Washed

Natural | Heirloom | 2050m

Notes of: Peach black tea, apple cider, orange candy.

Shantawene village is situated between the village of Bombe and Bombe Mountain. Like most Ethiopian coffees, this complex coffee is the fruit of the village working together. With an average land of 1-5 acres, the farmers pick their ripe cherries to deliver to the washing station. For context, that would be 100-500 pounds of coffee.

This washed processed coffee uses the densest cherries, pulps the cherries, then the ‘mucilage’ is washed off. The coffee beans, while still in parchment, are spread thinly on raised beds to be dried by the sun.

This coffee is bright like the sun, sweet like candy, and is rounded out with a dash of spice.