Our Contributors


Lisa Schuler  —  Celebrator, student, worshipper

Mother of two, gardener, and homesteader. Originally based in South Africa, then Bainbridge Island, WA, and relocating to Redding, CA.


Eric Schuler  —  Father, husband, pursuer of beauty

Coffee Roaster and Barista originally based in Bainbridge Island, WA, relocating to Redding, CA.


Ariel Grob  —  Writer, rejoicer, traveler

Writer and Creative Consultant pursuing life and adventure all over the world. Currently based in the PNW.


Matt Larson  —  Creative, hopeful, authentic

Creative based in Seattle, WA. Loves to be with his wife, run, and get outdoors.


Abbey Freer  —  Mother, potter, adventurer

Mountain junkie currently chasing her son, Ruah, through the beautiful the PNW.

Heather Saiki  —  Simple, powerful, lovely

 Artist, currently residing in Pittsburgh, PA.