Gable Price And Friends | Ethiopia | Natural

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Introducing the Gable Price and Friends signature coffee!

The collaboration between Feast Coffee, and alternative rock band Gable Price and Friends. The delicious, fruit forward, Ethiopian Guji, naturally processed coffee comes directly from the Deri Kidame washing station, at 2050m above sea level.

Peaches, Strawberry, and Honey Blossom are among the many prominent flavors that hit the palette as soon as you sip it, making this the perfect coffee for both a morning cup, a pick me up, or an iced brew.

With packaging resembling the branding from the recent GP&F single “Jungle In The City”, heavily inspired by the vintage look of Gable's hometown football team, the Cincinnati Bengals, this coffee looks almost as good as it tastes.

There are few things that have been constant in the world of Gable Price and Friends. One of those things is coffee. Hot, Iced, espresso, filter, and so on and so forth…

Whether it is in the tour van driving from city to city at a particularly early hour. Or it is in the studio while working on new music: there’s always a cup of coffee involved.

Grab a bag or grab a few bags!