Catering and Events

You can’t celebrate without a FEAST.  We love to celebrate and help people party.

We have several options to collaborate for a feast.

Our location
Evergreen 2085 Pine Street

Event space only: $85/hour
OR Event space and an open bar: $85 an hour + $6 per person
OR Event space and you ask us to open for business: $85 space fee + $40 an hour barista fee*

If our sales go over the barista fee, then no barista fee is required

Your location: We have an espresso cart ready and ready to travel!

Drip coffee only: $28 per 96oz carafe- this includes cups, cream, lids, sugar

We charge an additional $25 delivery fee for events in Redding.

Open bar and 2 baristas: $400 set up/teardown/transportation fee + $6 per person.

Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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