Giku | Kayanza | Burundi

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Giku | Kayanza | Burundi

Washed | Bourbon | 1700m

Many families in Burundi own less than 1 acre of land, so this coffee comes from over 150 families' combined efforts.

Historically, coffee cherries from this region were transported to be processed with other lots in Burundi, but this changed in 2019.

In 2019, Long Miles and Bonaventure worked together to build a washing station in Ninga Hill, allowing Ninga, Bumba, and Giku Hill to process their own coffee. This allows for the terroir of volcanic, red, loamy soil to speak for itself, allows the families on these hills to be proud of their work, and recoup more financial gain from their coffee.

Giku Hill is a new terroir discovery and is a true standout next to neighboring Ninga and Bumba Hills as the most intensely flavored and structured cup.

This cup presents sweet and juicy notes of strawberry jam, a refreshing zing of orange, and finishes with a kiss of green apple.

Our importer and friends over at Bonaventure have invested with Long Miles to open a new processing station, allowing for new terroir to be discovered, expanding the opportunity for an economical increase in remote regions.